Sunday, September 24, 2006


Our car now has 225,000 km (140,000 miles) on it. And over the summer we had quite a few repairs done on it. We are hoping to stretch it until next summer, but in the possibility that it doesn't make it, we have been casually researching what new cars are available and what meets our needs. So we have been checking out all the other cars on the road and making mental notes.

Well, the other day a kinda cute thing happened. I got home and my wife says "Hey, I saw this one car that looked pretty nice. It's called a 'Tucksen'." I was kinda surprised that I hadn't heard of it before since I had already looked at pretty much every car in our price range available in Quebec. She continued "Yeah, it's a Hyundai I think." Then I figured it out. It was the Hyundai Tucson.

I still kid her about it, but it's true that Too-san is an odd way to pronounce Tuc son. So now it has become another pet name that I have given various vehicles and car lines. Here are some others:

Jag you are
Merk eh deeze (I just like pronouncing it different)
Innie (as in belly button)
Fix Or Repair Daily
Doo doo scooper
Horde Extorter
Sneeze on Entrails

I also say life is more exciting everytime I see a Montana and pronounce Pacifica with a Catalan lisp. Yes, I can get pretty dorky sometimes.

Do you have any others?


Anonymous said...


Not sure if you remember know me from your high school/college friend, Eric. It's Dee, or Diana, however you may remember me. Eric said you had a blog on and since I have one too, I searched on your name and found you. I read your blog from time to time and it's very entertaining. Great photos! :)

So here's my contribution...Found On Road Dead...follows the Fix Or Repair Daily thing. Corny, but funny. My first car was a Ford Pinto. :)

Take care! Good luck with the car! I feel your pain. Mine has 125k miles and is starting to show its age. It's been in the shop twice in the three weeks with two different issues (brakes & trans). I'm just grateful that I have an affordable mechanic. :)

Unknown said...

Hi, Di. Of course I remember you. Glad you've liked what I've published so far. I just hope I can keep it up. My wifes first care was a Pinto also. My father always insisted on big boat cars like the Monte Carlo.

Sofy, yes, our choice in vehicles will be difficult. I would prefer a greener vehicle, but we want something with enough storage space for a family and ideally seating for at least 5. And we don't like minivans. So we are leaning towards wagons or SUV's. And in an ideal world we would have a small economy car or hybrid for everyday use. But financially that would be difficult. There is the Toyota Highlander Hybrid if we can afford it. But at the moment this is all in the casual research phase. So we have time to determine what would be best.

Anonymous said...

What is a "Catalan lisp"? You mean the "Castilian lisp". If you read the article you've linked to on the Catalan language, you'll find that the "th" sound doesn't even exist in Catalan.