Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Inner Court

A photo of the inner court of the Chateau de Versailles taken in 1991.

The first time I lived in Versailles, I was fortunate enough to live near the gardens and the chateau. Our walk to school with a minor detour took us through the gardens and out the front gate of the chateau. In the photo, we came out of a passageway on the left and walked diagonally toward the camera. It feels surreal to have experienced a place like that on a daily basis.

I've been scanning slides and negatives like mad. Currently I'm scanning pictures from our October travel break through northern Europe and I'll get back to Paris and Versailles photos after that. At this rate I will have enough pictures scanned to post one on Flickr every day for a few years. As my wife jokes, that's my Japanese side coming out. I take a lot of photos when we travel, or at least I try.

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