Monday, March 27, 2006

Summer Urgency

I have mentioned before back when I had three readers (me, myself, and I) that there seems to be an urgency among the people here to drop everything during the summer and get outdoors. A relative that has a boat and him and his family disappear for the summer to spend every possible moment on the boat. Relatives kept saying we must go camping now or get out into the country for a day trip. The office is deserted at quitting time almost every night. Everything is now. And everyone was so depressed two summers ago when it rained all summer. I didn't quite get it.

Well.... after three winters I finally get it. A bit surprising since this has been the warmest winter ever. I have caught the bug. I'm itching to do things outdoors and exploit every minute of warm weather. It could be even doing work like turning over the compost heap or building a deck, but I want to get out! Bicycle rides, softball, and SAUSAGES ON THE BARBEQUE! Kicking a ball in the park, having meals outside, even cutting the lawn. I'm tired of watching Willy Wonka, Wallace and Grommit over and over. I WANT TO DO STUFF OUTSIDE!


Anonymous said...

Funny, I tend to go out in the winter much more. XC-skiing, telemark skiing, snowshoeing, winterhiking etc. And I don't even skate or ice climb.

So I'm actually a bit depressed, now it looks like winter is really over. I went skiing yesterday but had to go to Jay Peak in Vermont to find acceptable snow conditions. Maybe it's because winter is fairly new to me, in my home country we don't have much of it, and not many mountains either. If you grew up here and don't like snow sports winter would indeed be very long.

Unknown said...

That's a good point. It may be because it has been more difficult to get out this winter that I had trouble with it. Previous years I was able to get out downhill skiing at least once and one winter I did quite a bit of cross-country skiing. We didn't even have the chance to go sledding this winter.

So the follow winters will probably be easier since we'll be able to get out again. When the kids grow up and are more mobile.