Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Introspection Times Three

This past week has seen three great introspective posts written by women here in Montreal.

The first by Me: The Sequel discusses words and their power (good or bad). It hit a nerve with me since I have been having a case of comment hangover lately. I may elaborate later.

The second by the Lightspeed Chick discusses the kid factor. I found the introspection interesting because of my feelings on the matter. Procreating should be a choice and not a requirement. Society seems to be moving toward less pressure on having kids. But is still out there. For the record, raising kids is very rewarding if it interests you. And it helps to have patience.

The third is by Zura and she discusses the joys and the curse of being thirtysomething. It's an interesting age. So many different people at so many different stages of their lives. Some want to stay twentysomething, some like to think they are fortysomething, and some just accept and are present in their thirtysomethingness.

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