Sunday, March 12, 2006

Five Meme

Yet another meme which I voluntarily tagged myself with. This one asks you to list five weird things about yourself. By the way, the site will reach FIVE thousand visitors shortly.

1. I really have a fascination with change. Particularly in the environment, natural or man-made. Stuff like how cityscapes have changed or are changing over time. How landscapes change. Rivers changing course, volcanos creating new land, buildings being built. It's the evolution of things. It gets me excited to see what the future will bring. It can also be something of a much shorter duration like the tide ebbing and flowing. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons. Funny how their names are also verbs.

2. When I blow my nose in facial tissue it is always the same sequence. First both nostrils, then one nostril by itself, then the other. After the first blow I fold the facial tissue from a rectangle to a square. After the second I fold the square into a triangle and after the third I fold the triangle into a smaller triangle. So you always know if I have a cold if my waste basket if full of little kleenex triangles.

3. I enjoy parallel parking. It's a source of pride in having grown up a city boy. Pull up, back-in in one movement, no touch, inches from the curb. Perfect rice every time.

4. My wife loves this one. When I was a kid after trick-or-treating on Halloween, I would take out all the candy, categorize them (hard candy, lollipops, chocolate, and stuff I really don't like), then line them up so that each group is evenly distributed in the line. I would then eat them in order. That way I could enjoy chocolate at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. Plus the items I don't care for as much would also be spread out instead of all at once. Judging from my dental bills, I should have just thrown out the bad ones.

5. I am an ambidextrous dart player. I am very good with my right and above average with my left. It's odd because I look like an uncoordinated goof throwing a ball with my left.

I tap everyone who reads these pages and is interested in participating. Just make sure there are five of you.


Anonymous said...

Okay. I confess not getting out much. So could you explain what a "meme" is? Is it the French for same? Or is it some kind of hip blogsterism that the uninitiated need to consult a special glossary for?

Feeling lost,

Unknown said...

mrne, yes, meme is a blogster term. The elder asked the same question this morning. Usually you are 'tagged' by another blogger to follow the formula set up by the meme. Previous ones I have participated in are the four meme and the Google search meme. Seems like most people who participate leave them open for other to tag themselves probably because they have done so many they are tired of tagging other or they don't want to impose. As for the name, I don't know where it came from or even how it is pronounced. The only time I heard it pronounced it was meem, but my mind keeps wanting to say the French meme. Like you are copying what the format of the previous person.
You missed out on being visitor 5000. You were 5001. Mr/Mrs/Sir/Maam 5000 was someone coming in on the Expo 67 boat.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation. The blogsterism seems to come from the French word afterall, like "go and do the same."

Aw shucks on #5000. Reminds me of something from the olden days. Dennis the Menace episode. The drug store was giving some grand prize to the customer who was its (whatever number) customer. So Mr.(mean-crabby-old man neighbor whose name I can't remember, oh yeah, it was Mr. Wilson!) stood all day, day after day counting the number of customers entering the store, so that he could be certain to be the winner. At the last moment, Mr. Wilson suffers a little self doubt, thinking that perhaps he might have miscalculated by one, so he orders Dennis to get in the line just ahead of his position. Viola! Dennis wins the prize.