Friday, March 03, 2006

Buck n Jack

I posted this photo back when I only had 20 visits per week traffic. I punched it up a bit in Photoshop. I may go back and clean up some of the other hazy ones. The reason that I'm reposting it is because I've been getting quite a bit of traffic from an odd link. Follow these steps and see the result.

Go to Google.
Click on Images.
Type in Expo 67 and Search Images.
Now find the third image over in the first row titled "US pavilion at the Expo 67"
Click on the image and Whammo!!!
You end up at my page, but only the current month.

I'm pretty sure somebody saw the original post and created the link to the blog and not the specific page. So now I get a steady stream of about a half dozen visitors per week from this link. The odd part is that the image in Google is an old post card from wikipedia and not my photo. Anyhow, if it brings people in who are interest in the Montreal all the better. Maybe that's where my Ohio State reader came from.


Blork said...

That's whacked!

BTW, you don't even have to go to the MORE... page in Google. Just click the "Images" link and it takes you to the image search page.

But yeah, that's weird! (Nice photo...)

zura said...


A while back, a friend of mine found that if he typed the name of a medium-sized company I used to work for in google and hit "I Feel Lucky" it popped up a page with my on-line cv on it!

Unknown said...

Thanks Ed, I missed the Images button. It has been corrected.

Rachel. Dozens!?! I guess I should consider myself lucky.

Zura. Ego searches under my name turn up hits for thyroid disease.

Anonymous said...

actually a thyroid disease, and a complication of that thyroid disease--of the psychopathological kind.

Unknown said...

mrne. Yes, it would probably be good if I read up on my namesake disease.