Friday, January 13, 2006

Watercolor - Firenze, Italia

Here is a watercolor of the Ponte Vecchio in Firenze, Italia. One of my favorite cities in Europe including Vienna, Stockholm, and Paris. This one is a bit of a departure from the previous ones. I did a light pencil sketch to be sure of the proportions then used the color to define the edges. I also didn't close crop this image because I liked how the edges turned out.


Anonymous said...

This and the other posted watercolor, are both very nice. I am enjoying the blogs and now check them each day for the next chapter in the continuing saga of ... A Chicagoan in Montreal.

Unknown said...

mrne, glad you like them and hope to be able to keep your interest. The next watercolor will be in a couple weeks, after that I will revert to weekly photos. Only thing is that I'll need to find the time to dig through the boxes to find the good ones.

Anonymous said...

Great watercolor. I particularly like your choice of colors for the various projections on the bridge. This may be the best one yet!
(You also brought back some good memories)


Martine said...

Nice! I'm planning on going there (for the first time) this May. This is inspiring!

Unknown said...

G, the colors are fairly close to what is actually there. Although I had to counteract the effect of the flash so it may be off from the original. The interesting thing is that I didn't use my artistic licence (#19710825242)and take out the white part of the peach projection closer to the viewer. Apparently it was recent a recently constructed or renovated balcony that they had not gotten around to painting. You can see the painted version in the link.

Martine, Have fun in Florence! I really enjoyed that city. Is the trip a birthday present?