Sunday, January 15, 2006

Are you Ready?

For some Football!!! (Just imagine if Monday Night Football had Michael Jackson sing that line instead of Hank Williams Jr.)

This NFL season has almost passed me by. I think I only saw parts of two games all season. But today we are gearing up for the big Bears playoff game. Yesterday I cooked homemade chili. BTW, why are bean dishes more popular in winter when we are all stuck inside together? We will also be having Maison du Roti sausages, a beer or two, and maybe some nacho cheese dip. I missed turkey over the holidaze, so this may make-up for that. The Bears may advance and there may be a couple more games, but why chance it? This may be my only chance to watch a full game. No Cinderella or Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.... Today we're watching football.

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