Monday, February 05, 2007



They lost.

The feeling is the same as it was when the University of Illinois men's basketball team lost in the final a couple years ago. Am I sad, disappointed, or upset? Just a little, but in the end every game has a winner and a loser. Each team was deserving enough to win it. To get that far in the season says something already considering the all the other teams that season who didn't make it.

So now it's time to throw my support behind the Chicago Cubs. For them it has been 98 years since they won it all. With a sizable change of personel over the winter it looks to be a different team this year. Let's hope they can do it.


Anonymous said...

My condolences. I was thinking about you, yesterday.

Hashi said...

Like a true optomistic Cub fan - there's always next year.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Zura. They made a good run.

Nance, Yep. Spring training starts in two weeks. And I never really stopped checking up on what acquisition the Cubs have made since October. Looks to be another 'New Beginning' year. Last time (with Baker) they almost made it to the World Series.

Anonymous said...

I think being a Cubs fan actually helped with the Bears loss, don't you? We're so much better prepared to keep our faith. I've been a Bears fan longer than a Cubs fan (I go back to the days of Piccolo with the Bears), but somehow Cubdom helps you keep going in spite of whatever obstacles you encounter. Somebody should write a book about the Cubs outlook on life! Or has someone? Do you know? Are we better able to handle life's ups and downs better than the average fan?????