Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Zu Zu's Petals

There is one thing that happens to me often now that I am a parent. I'll get into the elevator or walk around on the street and reach into my pockets. Most of the time I'll find something that reminds me of my kids. A pacifier, a snack bar wrapper, or often a small toy. I had put them there at some point while attending to them. They are nice little reminders and always make me think of the movie It's a Wonderful Life.

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Unknown said...

rachel, yes, that is one of my top ten movies alongside Shawshank.

I'm a bit annoyed at how it has become so overshown during the holidaze the past few years. Seems like I come across it a few times a season when flipping through channels. Then again, there are worse things during this time of year.

Hey if Richard Wood can become a specialist in women's incontinence, then Zu Zu can become a brain surgeon.