Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We Are a Community

I was contacted last week about a post I had written for Metroblogging Montreal by Cecilia Jamasmie, an editor for Orato, an online journal "True stories from REAL people." She was wondering if they could repost one of the posts I had written about the Dawson shootings in their journal. I checked it out and Ed's article had already been posted. I procrastinated over the weekend and gave her a response early this evening (Tuesday). And it was up in a couple hours.

Rereading the post I'm kinda surprised that I had written it. Not for content, but that I managed to convey what I had on my mind fairly well. I had wondered if I may have written it telling people to act instead of suggesting. Rereading posts and realizing that they did say what I wanted to has happened before on this blog also. And seeing something that I had written on something that resembles a newspaper was also a bit odd. As I've said before, I was good in math and science in school, not english and writing. It was the subject that kept me out of 'honors' class. So whenever these recent recognitions by other bloggers or newspapers comes along, it's quite a pleasant surprise.

I'd also like to take a second and thank all of you readers. I enjoy writing this stuff and it's a bonus to see that you like some of it too. And thanks also to those of you who have linked to this blog. I keep coming across blogs that reference back here that I had not known about. I'm flattered and I apologize for not linking back. To tell the truth, I've been bad at creating the links back when I find them. Then I have trouble finding them again. Feel free to drop me a line. I'm interested in reading more of what you have written.

Also regarding their reprinting, I don't know if I agree with the title they chose. I didn't really talk about guns or fear in the article. It was meant to bring the focus back on what we could do in a positive way. I could have spruced up the original title "A Concerned Parent" to be more newspaper worthy. As it was, I kinda questioned whether "parent" should be in the title since "community" was the major subject. I'll ask if they can change it. And they reprinted my juvenile bio that I created for Metroblogging. I was trying to be funny and now I look like I have no credibility. I guess it's just another kick in the pants to grow up. You're not a teenage goof off anymore. So nothing more than dry serious monotone recollections from here on out.


zura said...

I don't think this should make you change your bloging style, that would be against the blog code. Unfortunate that they changed your entry title and humour level context. The hazards of having someone other than yourself as your publisher, I expect. Still, don't succumb to self-censorship!

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank,
As we are proud to say, the spirit of Orato is to give everyone a voice. Not any voice, but your own one. We promote first-person journalism, which basically is against censorship or big edits on the stories we showcase. Your case and Ed’s were two exceptions. Normally we do not re-publish posts; we get original, true stories from real people, written in their own words and publish by them. Our readers control the headlines, the images, everything. We just make sure that they follow our guidelines and do not promote hate, racism, etc.
I’m sorry to read you didn’t like the first title we chose. We gave you a username and password right away, though, so you could have logged in changed as you wanted. You didn’t, but we changed for you as soon as you requested. That’s what Orato is all about: Your Story in Your Own Words.
I hope that you and your readers like our ideas. You are welcome to join us anytime. It’s free and it’s fun.

Unknown said...

Zura, I'll probably just further curb my urge to make silly comments. This blog will stay the same. I recently saw a "What Not to Wear" that also kinda suggested I need to pay more attention to what I wear. Not to stop wearing casual clothing, but not going out in public with tattered casual clothing.

Cecilia, I apologize because I rushed to write this post before researching what control I had over the article written. I should have poked around more. I like the site. I'll have to keep tabs on it and hopefully have something to offer in the future.