Friday, September 01, 2006


Another photo from my business trip down to South Beach last December. I was sent there to determine the structure of an existing store so the new owners could build a promenant Montreal-based shoe store. It was kinda fun. Climbing around the store taking pictures and measurements. Plus punching holes in walls and ceilings to see what was holding it up.

I had the night free to wander around the strip. Trips like this are great for sightseeing, but horrible for going to restaurants or bars. Sightseeing, you are free to wander as you please. Eating or drinking gets kinda lonely if you're not an outgoing personality. So you see what there is to see, then return to the hotel room to call home and fall asleep watching the Top 100 One Hit Wonders on VH1. If there's very little to see like in Albany, Georgia, the trip becomes pretty painful.

Though, this trip turned out to be pretty memorable.

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