Friday, September 22, 2006

Billy Loves Candice

Wow! What a bomb! I was starting to think shows like Survivor and the Amazing Race were falling into a pattern with the same personality types and the same interpersonal conflicts, but last night's revelation on Survivor: Cook Islands was a first. This is where I am supposed to tell those who haven't seen it of a spoiler alert.

The first hint of something odd was when after the immunity/reward challenge had been completed, Billy had an exchange with a couple women on the Raro tribe.

Candice: "I feel really feel bad for you guys."
Billy: "I'm next."
Candice: well "We love you."
A slightly stunned and earnest Billy replied "I love you too."

OK, that was weird. Everyone seemed to go on with what they were doing. For the Aito tribe, that was preparing to vote of Billy having just thrown the immunity challenge.

So we get to tribal council and Jeff is working the Ozzy vs. Billy angle when Billy has his revelation.

Billy: "I'm playing the game. That is what I came here to do. My prize isn't even... the million dollars. My prize was... that I... I fell...I...I...fell in love in this game. Love at first sight. Her name is Candice. And in between..." (girls bust out laughing)

Jeff: (stunned look and gesturing) "Candice... from the Raro tribe"

Billy: "Yeah. After the last challenge we sorta mouthed the words 'I love you' to one another. So that was my prize. My prize was her." (Jeff is now holding back laughter)

Jeff: "I don't think I've never heard anything that surprised me more than what you just said. And I want to be respectful because I don't know what happened. But what would she base feeling the same way you feel... on?"

Billy: "I think it's just ya know love at first sight. I think it's just a..a..a..a rapport thing."

Jeff: "So you're absolutely sincere right now."

Billy: "I'm dead serious."

Definitely one for a "Best of Survivor" special. Now I want for the season to be over to see Candice's reaction when Billy proposes.


Saint_Mere said...

I laughed out loud, too, when he said it. Freaky!

Unknown said...

That was really odd. I laugh and was in awe, but at the same time I felt sorry for the guy. That his life has gotten to the point where he took a simple display of comraderie as being a deep expression of affection. And also that it was preceded by JP bullying him.

I felt guilty for laughing at him since this will be his claim to fame. It's probably not going to help his already low self-esteem any. Though I guess I didn't feel that guilty. I did write the post.

All that said, it was a classic moment.