Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rockstar: Supernova

We have been following two shows this summer. The first is Treasure Hunters which concluded Monday night. I wasn't a big surprise that the Genius' won, though Air Force was probably the favorite.

The second show we have been following is Rockstar: Supernova. We had seen the last couple episodes of Rockstar: INXS, but didn't really intend to follow this one since it's the summer. We happened to see the third episode one night and got hooked. We have a thing for reality shows so that kinda makes sense.

So what is it about the show. I guess there are two elements that draw us to the show. One is the competition. Not just to see who comes out on top, but to see if the person you think should be picked is chosen. The other element is the performances. Both seeing and enjoying some great rock songs being played along with critiqueing each singers performance. Again comparing your views with that of the judges.

There is another aspect that makes it different. This is a show to determine who fronts this new band. It more of an audition and an interview than an American Idol or Star Academy popularity contest. I find that very intriguing since the last show was finding a suitable replacement for Michael Hutchence.

As far as the cast of the show. Dave Navarro I could take or leave. I'm a fan of Jane's Addiction and like his work. But he's a bit on the obnoxious side. It's not enough for me to add him to an "On Notice" list, but he has potential. Gilby Clarke seems like a very cool guy. I like his commentary even though I'm not a GNR fan. Tommy Lee even seems pretty cool. I always thought of him as a obnoxious jerk, but here he seems very personable. Jason Newsted is the one that has really surprised me. You see, all the people I grew up with who listened to Metallica were stoners and headbangers who were never the articulate types. That stereotype has lasted with me to this day. So to see the bassist of the band being so professional and so articulate really catches me off guard. Lastly, Brooke Burke does a good job as presenter and eye candy.

As for the contestants. The only surprise that I have seen so far is that Zarya lasted so long. It may have been her lisp, but it never seemed to me she was a good singer. I figured they kept her on since she put on quite a show. Of the departed, I would say that Josh is most likely to have some success. His sound is flavor of the month, but he does a good job with it. I don't think it would be a surprise if Patrice is voted of next. She's good, but something seems off. And she has a funny smile for the camera. Toby and Ryan will probably be the next two sent off. Both are good singers but don't seem entirely comfortable on stage. Ryan may stick around more because of his singing. Storm is good both vocally and on stage, but she seems just a bit over the top on stage. Although Lucas seems to be a favorite, his voice lacks something for me and his stage presence is lacking a bit. I really like Magni, but my question is whether this is the look the band would be comfortable with. Dahlila has a classic rock voice, but could they be successful with a woman fronting the band.

I find it fun to watch since nobody has jumped out as THE person. Not that the makers of the show would let that happen. I really think it will be between Lucas, Magni, and Dahlila. It will be interesting to see which image and voice they choose.


Blork said...

You're totally right about Patrice -- she's pretty good and could totally front her own B-list band. Her downfall is that cheeky smile she always pastes on while she's singing. Always the same silly grin. I hate it when people smile when they're talking or singing or reading the news. Makes them look like phoney booth babes at a cheesy car show.

One of the things I like to do is pay attention to the editing. You can often detect how the producers are "guiding" the viewers by how the edits focus on the "judges" during the performances, and on who they focus on for the behind the scenes stuff.

Last night, for example, there was absolutely no mention of Lukas right up until his number (which was the last of the night). He had no camera time for the song selection segment, nobody interviewed him about the songs or who was singing what, no nothing. And when he sang, the judges scowled.

I think the bottom three will be Lukas, Patrice, and Storm, and I think Lukas will get the boot. Shocker, yes, but hey, that's good television!

Unknown said...

I didn't get a chance to see last night, so I'll probably see it on tape delay after tonights show. It's after the fact, but still gives insight into what's going on. Plus the performances are one of the interesting parts.

I agree about the editing. The much beloved Survivor would always showcase the people getting voted off during that episode. So by halfway through, you had a fairly good idea who could be going.

I find their editing a bit annoying. I keep getting the impression they are trying to generate drama, but in the end it comes across as shoddy. I don't know whether they have bad cameramen or just a lack of material, but some of the cut-aways either show nothing or look like somebody rushing over to get a shot.

I think they'll keep the Canadian in order to keep that fanbase. The same goes for Magni keeping the European base. That's how the last show ended with an American, a Canadian, and a Brit.