Friday, April 28, 2006

Ste Chapelle - Cracked

Probably the most professional photo I've taken. Long exposure with a tripod. Taken in Paris, March 1995.

Here's the story behind the crack. I put it in one of those frames with a glass front and only clips holding to the backing. Well somehow a corner got wet and glued itself to the back of the glass. Then I tried soaking the whole thing in water hoping it would detach. Then I could hang it to dry like photos in the old days. No luck. Now most of the photo is glued to the back of the glass and there are air bubbles in places. Then at some point while trying to tranport it, it was dropped on a corner. So that's how the crack came about. Unfortunately, it is the only copy that I can locate at the moment, so I scanned it with the crack. I figure it gives it a bit of character.

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