Saturday, March 25, 2006

Boston Recommendations

In two weeks I will be in Boston for a hockey tournament. Does anyone have any recommendations of places to see, things to do, interesting bars? And if you have any recommendations considering that our group will be primarily francophone men in the 20's and 30's, some with their 'copines', that will also be appreciated. I doubt the Freedom Trail will appeal to them but I will try suggesting places like the aquarium or maybe a museum or two. Is there anything interesting around Harvard or MIT?

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Unknown said...

Thanks aj. I'll need to do some more studying before we leave. We'll only have one day free.

I had been there before but not in this capacity. Last time we were there as a family and did limited touristy things like a bus tour and the Freedom Trail. The previous time was almost twenty years ago as a kid. So this will be different with a bunch of other adults. Thanks for the suggestions.