Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Amazing Race - Season 9

The new season of the Amazing Race started last week. It is currently my favorite show. I really enjoy seeing the places they visit from a real person's point of view and not the travel brochure version. I also enjoy the competition aspect. You choose a team or teams to root for and get into the game. Granted there are can be some extremely annoying jerks on the show which makes for someone to root against, but for me it's more about the ride. So far the most annoying team(the Screaming Frosties) just got eliminated and the intense husband (Mr. Shop of Horrors) has not started chastising his wife (much). Looks like they are going to Stockholm, Tokyo, Mt Fuji, the Corintian canal in Greece, Russia, and something that resembled Thailand or China.

For those of you who saw last week's show, here is some info on one of the places they visited. My good friend John posted a Weekly Dose of Architecture on his page about the Hotel Unique back in October. Check it out for some an in-depth look at it from an architects perspective.

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