Monday, February 13, 2006

Music as Identity - Part 8 - Mainstream & Misc.

In addition to the previous musical genres mentioned, there are other styles that I have listened to. But there are other styles that have not interested me.

First the remaining styles. Unfortunately the only classical that I know by heart are those tied to films. Beethovens 9th Symphony from A Clockwork Orange and the pieces included in the soundtrack of Amadeus. I can listen to classical music and enjoy it, but it is not music I would choose to listen to. There was a time that I listened to Classic Rock and it was the station here in Montreal that I listened to since I could not find another that interested me. Again, it is a style I would listen to, but not necessarily by choice. There was a time that I was really into Blues and Jazz listening to them almost exclusively.

Then there are the styles that hold no interest for me. I don't know why I don't care for country (and western) music. Even though we used to listen to Kenny Rogers when I was a kid. I'm guessing the reason I don't care for heavy metal is it always came across as unorganized screaming and loud guitars. Oddly, some of the music I listen to (Nitzerebb, Pailhead, Nine Inch Nails) has those qualities. I found it odd that so many people I know up here love Metallica. They didn't have the same outward appearance as those who listened to it back home. Gangsta rap is not something I don't really care for. I like R&B or other forms of rap as much as rock or classic. It is the negative aspects of gangsta rap that I am opposed to. Blacks have a hard enough time without negatives being reinforced. Lastly, pop music for popular sake never interested me. Just because a song was popular did not influence me to jump on the band wagon. I actually despised a few bands who were popular no matter what they put out like Bon Jovi.

So there you have it. My musical tastes in a nutshell. Next is FINALLY the conclusion/summation to the series.

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