Sunday, December 04, 2005

This is Bizarre.

A while back I noticed a referral page that I had not heard of before. I clicked on it and came across a page that listed me in their blogroll. I felt kinda honored because it was only the second page that I knew of that had done that. But, it was kinda weird because there has not been any contact (comments on each other's pages) at all. Usually a blogroll shout out is after at least a minimal amount of back and forth.

But just now I happened back on that page and found they had posted my most recent sunset. I didn't mind that so much, but there was absolutely no acknowledgement where it came from. It really comes across as if it was a personal photo. I will confront them, but I would like to mull the whole thing over a bit. It's late and I have work to finish before tomorrow morning. It's just so bizarre.


Aaron said...

Sorry, I'll remove it/them.

Aaron said...

Okay, the shy guy will ramble a little. Just wanted to explain a bit.

I link to quality blogs, magazines, podcasts, etc. I'm a shy person, and I don't think it's odd that some people don't communicate with every site they've added to their favourites. I add as fast as I delete; some people will ask, "Why was I removed?". ( I delete when I change moods, I tire of the terrible servers out there, etc. Many times I add them back later.)

This is the first time I've crossed the line. Well, one time I was using a cheap blogging editor, and it didn't have a good blockquote option, so a podcaster flipped that I linked to her recent podcast, as she said it appeared I was claiming credit. Some people need to relax, especially in her case where I linked to her site, and the mp3 link clearly was from her site.

I enjoy your writing.

I should've found a way to rename one of my photo albums to "not my work", and linked to everyone where the work was located. I also shouldn't have used the "Recent Photos" option, to appear on my front page, as there's no way to rename that component.

This experience is good for me as I'd better learn from a local blogger than Reuters, etc., who see their copyrighted work all over the blogs, etc., so I won't post any picture ever, until I get a decent digital camera; my camera phone is not acceptable for my blog service.

I wasn't pretending to claim the work as mine. I don't make money via my latest blog. I just added contextual ads, but that's more for seeing what ads come up, than whatever pennies I may make.

Not an excuse, but:

the other day, I was influenced by seeing a Gazette caricature on a professional journalist's personal website, with no link to the artwork, and that was when I was playing with photos on my blog. No excuse, I know better, and maybe he'll be contacted as well one day, but it's a promotion, and the difference is that the caricature artist has his name on his work, no matter how tiny.

Take it easy, and hope I hope Miami is fun.

This lurker will go back to reading your blog now. :o)) Sorry again.

Unknown said...

Aaron, Don't sweat it. As I mentioned, I figured that no malice was intended. It just caught me off guard. I'd be honored if you kept them up and just add a tag with a link of where it was from. I've been guilty of the same thing back when I started, but it was a picture from a stock photo page.

Thank you for your readership. I appreciate that you have linked to my page and hope you'll continue to read. Thanks again.

Aaron said...

Thank you, and glad you had a safe trip; even if you were close to danger again.

Yes, I'll properly link photos in the future, no matter what blog service I'm using. ( Even paying for a blog host doesn't result in perfection. )

Aaron said...

Your first sunset linked here and the fourth is here.

I think that's much better, and I'm glad you replied as I wasn't going to post or link to any more pictures, anywhere. I don't need to be so dramatic. Live and learn. I'll link to authors when I know, and type "author unknown", when I don't.

Unknown said...

Aaron, Thank you very much for the shout out. Again, probably most bloggers do this at the beginning. Thanks again for reading.