Sunday, November 06, 2005

Canadian Blog Award

In case you had not heard of them, nominations are being accepted for the Canadian Blog Awards. I am asking those of you who may read this on a regular basis to take a look at some of the other blogs nominated and consider nominating this blog. There are a multitude of categories including Best Blog, Best Political Left Blog, Best Sports Blog, Best New Blog, and Best Personal Blog. Of course the reason I mention it is because I'm wondering if you find what is written here interesting and if it stands up to some of the others listed. Is this blog worthy of a nomination? For a nomination I consider that it would only have to be as good as just below average. Of course we all hope that what we do or produce affects others in a positive way, so my curiosity is getting the better of me and I am making this suggestion. I don't want you to nominate me just because you know me. I would really prefer you check out the others first. Personnally, I am in the process of checking out the blogs in the categories that I could be nominated (Best New Blog or Best Personal Blog). I'll list ones I find interesting soon. The deadline for nominations is two weeks from today, 20 November. If I get nominated, I will try to spruce the page up a bit with stuff like links to other blogs and maybe a non-standard webpage. Actually I hope to do that anyhow when I find the time, but a nomination will make that a priority.

A couple interesting things that I have noticed going through the blogs so far. First is that there are a ton of political blogs out there. A much higher percentage that I had thought. The other thing is that a large percentage of the blogs are from western Canada, mainly Calgary for some reason. I don't recall seeing any from the Maritimes and only a few from Quebec.

In other news, I mentioned recently I have been getting some interesting traffic. Someone almost on a daily basis reaches this site via a search for 'population of Montreal in 2005'. I can't tell if it's the same person or what, but it's weird that I keep getting that.

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