Sunday, October 09, 2005

Programming Note

Diversification. I had planned to keep this blog focused on Chicago vs Montreal differences, but there is so much more to life that I will slowly add other topics. I already have made my voice heard on some political issues. There are also a few other reasons. How many things can be said about the differences in cities? The audience of the blog is changing from almost strictly Chicagoans to include Montrealers. And whereas, my thoughts consisted primarily about my new environment as compared to my previous habitat, it is time to move on and embrace life here. Part of that transition was possible because of the release I got expressing my observations on this blog. As with everything, it is time to evolve. I still have at least two dozen topics I hope to cover in the coming months, including separtism, temperature, and snow. I also hope to keep my posts at about two a week. Not too much, not too little.

With that, I am posting my first movie review. Like most people, I like movies and like telling others what I think about them. My movie tastes tend to be eclectic. I figured out recently that I like thrillers, but not tear-jerker dramas. I have seen enough war movies that I'm not in a rush to see another. I like movies that are different like Memento and Amelie. Especially when they are filmed artistically like the M. Night Shyamalan movies. Though I'm not a movie snob. I liked comedies like Happy Gilmore and camply action movies like The Fifth Element. I'll try to limit the reviews to really good movies, lesser know films, and those I have differing opinions that the general public.

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