Thursday, August 25, 2005

Progressive Culture

From my viewpoint, it seems that the culture here in Quebec and Canada is more progressive. I've heard it mentioned elsewhere, so I don't think I'm completely off base.

Three events over the past few months point in that direction. First, the legalizing of gay marriage. Second, the fact that they are considering legalizing marijuana. By the way, neither has any affect directly on my life, but I like the fact that people have an open mind.

The last and most recent news is that the prime minister is appointing Michaelle Jean (a BLACK WOMAN FOREIGNER) to be the Governor General. It is largely a figurehead position, since the Prime Minister holds much more power. By the way, there was one short lived woman Prime Minister. But even though Governor General is a figurehead position, it really impresses me that they are doing it. On the US side, you could say Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice prove that blacks and women are moving up, but Condi is in good with the prez and Powell is a revered war hero who people even suggested should have run for prez. This is out an appointment of someone without personnal connections or previous public appeal. There is a bit of controversy over her appointment which my cynical side thought was racially based, but it turns out is all about Quebec Sovereignty. I hope to cover that topic soon.

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