Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sweet Home Chicago

There is one thing outside of my family and friends that I am most proud of (not the stadium above, but it's up there). This is being from Chicago. I identify with that more than being American, from Illinois, the university I graduated from, and even my high school (though that might be next). I just love the city. I love driving around checking out what's going on. What has changed and stayed the same. I love the different festivals in the summer. Beach volleyball, 16" softball (with beverages), and the Air & Water Show. And the lake... I seem to have this odd affection for large bodies of water that must be due to growing up near it. Funny thing is I like being near it and not necessarily on it. I have done my best to learn as much as I could about the city and it's history. I used to be able to name all the streets from Addison to Touhy and the Lake to Harlem. I even had delusions of becoming mayor, but realized I'm not enough of a people person to do the job justice. So many memories. When my wife (girlfriend at the time) came to the city, I would constantly be pointing out places from my past or where notable things happened. For the first 18 months here in Montreal, I read the online version of the Tribune everyday. I still check it out 3 or 4 times a week along with an occasional WGN evening news.

I've answered it before but, "Why leave Chicago then?" Well it was a case of place and time. Having a kid and the choice of moving here in Montreal, it seemed that Montreal would be a better and easier place to raise a family. It still has many of the advantages of a big city that Chicago has, but without some of the big city disadvantages. I have been pleasantly surprised so far discovering what it is really like to be here. Part of our move was a leap of faith. It has also been fun to discover a whole new city and society.

But we will always cherish our visits back to Chicago. We'll be back soon.

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