Saturday, July 09, 2005

London, follow-up

Watching CNN this morning and learning more about the attacks made me realize a few other things.

During my last visit to London, I stayed in a hotel across the street from Russell Square and down the street from Tavistock Square. Having a connection like that always makes it of more interest and easier to relate to it. Unfortunate it takes something like that, but I guess it's human nature.

The other thing is that I was very impressed by the news conference given by the London authorities. Straight forward and matter of fact. Plus their level of coordination and the organization in place was refreshing. For instance, having people ready, to support, and designated to be liasons with families affected. They were unapologetic about holding back information, taking the necessary time to process the crime scenes, and it all seemed very orderly. It probably has to do with the fact they have been through this before along with the public and the media. Everyone seems to accept that the process takes time and there is a level of trust that the authorities will release relevant info when warrented. That was my impression and I don't think it was because of their accents.

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