Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Patriotism part 2

Since writing the post on this subject, I have thought a bit more about it. I have also had a trip stateside.

Patriotism can have various connotations and levels or categories. At times I am proud to be American, at times I would rather not be associated with the actions or impressions that some Americans put forth. Americans and the French (from France) are probably the most proud nations in the world. They both tend to be we are who we are and if you don't like it 'pooh on you'. Brash and at times very in your face. We're the best and we don't care what you think. Living in France, I found out what the receiving side of racism could feel like. Yet both are so tied together through history and similarities that I found it funny and troubling when there was the disagreement about the Iraq war. The freedom fries was kinda funny, but some people took it entirely too seriously. Can't someone have a different opinion without being demonized? Lastly on the negative side, it troubles me that there are many out there that feel you are not American or patriotic if you question actions or ideals of the American public or the government. As my father put it, the fact that this country has many different people with different opinions make it great. I agree but I am troubled by the apparent sway toward closed minded conservativism that I have noticed since 9.11.

Lets finish this on the positive side. Last weekend when I was attending my sisters graduation, I felt a great sense of pride being an American. First it was the Star Spangled Banner being played which caught me for some reason. Then it was what many of the speakers had to say. What the country stands for and it's history (civil rights, freedom, and equality). Also the concern for those less fortunate. These are the ideals that everyone should be proud of and try to keep alive in their everyday lives.

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