Monday, May 30, 2005


Here is something from Chicago that I would not be able to experience unless I moved back there. The frequency and force of thunderstorms. Science, nature, and therefore natural phenomenon have always been of interest to me. In Chicago we would get about a dozen thunder and lightning storms a summer. Here in Montreal, it seems it is more like one or two. Ironically, we lived in a high rise apartment with an uninterrupted view of the horizon when we first moved here. A great vantage point to watch them roll through at night. But I was only able to see one display during our two summers there. While in Chicago, where we lived only had a limited view of the surrounding sky. Other natural phenomena that I would like to see or experience are volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, and earthquakes. The first of those I would not be able to experience here in Montreal and the other two are pretty rare.

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