Friday, February 02, 2007

Go Bears!

Sunday evening we'll be camped out in front of the television eating Maison du Roti sausages and chili I threw together during the last football game. We'll be suffering through the commercials and faux billboard advertisements from the local feed for what will hopefully be a Bears victory. I'll also be keeping an eye on the shots of people in the stands because this guy will be at the game.

This is a shot of my father (left) and my cousin (right) at a past Bears game. They are probably the most diehard Cubs and Bears fans that I know. My father scored tickets to the game in Miami and will be there in one of the upper corners. He's quite a sports fan and it's great that he'll be there for what can only be described as nirvana for a fan like him.

The guy in the center is an off-the-bench mascot or cheerleader. I think he started coming to games wearing a football uniform and the head of a bear that was obviously taken from a bear skin rug because it tapered to a flat point at the back. So he would spend the game walking around the stadium having his picture taken with everyone and giving high-fives. Then I guess someone in charge decided it would be great to have him on the field. Soon after he was there and waving one of those huge 10ft x 20ft flags that they have at college games. Then at some point during the game he would come back into the stands and do what he was doing before. I'm curious if he will be on the field during the game.

And here's a shot that my sister took of one of the lions in front of the Art Institute including the flag of Chicago. You should go and see her and her boyfriend's photos here. They are both quite good.

The city really has been going nuts for this game. I can't imagine what's it is like to be hearing the hype constantly on every newscast. I've gotten a taste of it when I check into the Chicago Tribune's webpage or that of ESPN. It's always the head story along with a dozen supporting ones. I kinda remember past years seeing how much coverage was given to the game along with the preceding week. For those years, I just flipped the page. But you really get a grasp of how much coverage there is when it's your team. It's really quite something.
Well, the big game is coming. It looks to be an evenly matched one and should be fun to watch.

Go Bears!


govtdrone said...

Go Colts! OK--I am in New Orleans so you know I have to go with the Colts.

Anonymous said...

Well, we are so excited about representing our family at the Big Game XLI.!! I read your last remark about the fight song and my passing out of the lyrics at the old Soldier Field so I reprinted them with "XLI" and "from Soldier Field section 342" and I will hand them out to the Bear fans sitting around us. Need to so something to contribute to the victory!!


The Elder.

Anonymous said...

I saw my shadow today.
12 more hours of winter....
I'll be in Miami by 11PM.