Monday, February 12, 2007


My goodness yesterday sucked! Having gastro (a stomach virus) is horrible enough when you get it by yourself and you're relegated to writhing in your bed trying to get some sleep. But both my wife and I woke up with it. My symptoms were not as bad (aches, fatigue, occasional nausea, slight headache, and stomach ache from time to time) as my wife who had them full blast. So I was left to caring for the kids. So my day basically consisted of staying as much as possible in a prone position getting up every 15 minutes to tend to the little ones. Although it's preferable to what my wife went through, it still sucked. So far it looks like a good night of sleep seems to have cured it, but my stomach is still rumbling. Update: my wife still has it. But she'll have a nice quiet home with which to cope with it.

We must have caught it Saturday night while seeing Perfume downtown and having a drink at McLean's. Has anyone else seen Perfume? I'm curious what's your take on it. I can see it being viewed in many different ways: repulsive, bizarre, artistic. We had a choice between Children of Men, Perfume, and Blood Diamond. We got there too late for Children of Men, so we chose Perfume over Blood Diamond. As for myself, I found it bizarre with an artistic premise and style, but a bit over-the-top in spots.

Anyhow, let's hope the gastro is gone. I'll likely be making the transition to Wordpress over the next week since it is finally available. Thanks to Vila for the heads-up. I'd like to do it along with some housekeeping, so I may not be posting for a bit.

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