Monday, January 29, 2007

The Weight Game - Week 3 & The Diet

So after two more weeks, I'm down another 4 lbs for a total of 9 lbs. That actually brings me back to where I was last fall. Sad, but true. It should be a tougher go after this. I likely won't be posting as often about this in order not to bore you to death. It'll likely be on a monthly basis.

So how exactly did I lose that much that fast. This go-around I decided to try the "Wets do Munch" diet. OK, that's not really the name, but you can get the book and the real name via the link. It's the first book I ever bought online. That after popping in many bookstores downtown only to find they didn't have it and it would take a week for them to get it.

I really like the diet because I like the logic behind it. Keep you're metabolism high in the morning, don't eat foods that take long to digest late in the day, and eat healthy foods. This means eating as much fruit in the morning as you can (or want). The natural sugars sustain a high metabolism and keep you satiated until lunch. Lunch is the big meal and the only meal you eat meat. You eat a large portion of meat along with vegetable or grains of you choice. Grains are considered to be corn and beans, not wheat and traditional grains. Dinner is again fruit along with vegetable or grains after you have had your fill of fruit. The objective is to keep you satiated until bedtime and not going to sleep still digesting your supper.

Prohibited items include sugars, starches, and fats. Sugar is an obvious one. Starches like refined potatoes, flour, and even whole grain still send your pancreas working overtime. And fats are avoided because they are fattening. But I'm still not sure I completely agree with that one. I may work certain fats (like mayo) back into the diet when it becomes a sustain diet instead of a loss diet.

That's really the gist of the diet. It's a bit quirky, but I'm finding that it works. I really have to say it has been one of the easiest for me to follow and has a chance of continuing past the weight loss. I used to rarely eat fruit, but now I eat more in one day than I used to eat in a couple weeks. And I actually like it. I feel that I'm eating so much healthier than before. No snacks are allowed between the three main meals, but I have found that I usually don't get hunger pangs between meals like on other diets.

The book, as with other diet books that I have read, seems to take it's time getting to the point of what is the diet. This diet, unlike the others, is not by someone in the medical profession. This is some guy who by trial and error determined this diet and has now written a book about it. So it's very much "I tried this and it works" and "I tried this and it doesn't work". It comes across as one persons opinions instead of medical consensus or a doctor with several patients. But again, I like the logic behind it and it has been working very well so far. Heck, I've even strayed once or twice a week without losing a step on my weight loss plan. Though I did stuff myself late Saturday night and regressed a little. We had some very good Indian food (from my limited experience) at Restaurant Gandhi in Old Montreal.

I've very interested and hopeful that this success continues. Especially since today I made a wager. More on that soon.

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What fruits do you eat?