Thursday, January 11, 2007

Two Degrees of Separation Only

One thing that I've thought about recently is that before getting into blogging, all of my good and close personal friends were people that I either went to school with or worked with. I really can't think of any people who I have met outside of those circles that I have become very good friends with. I don't have any problem with it and it really works for me. But it does seem a bit odd doesn't it? It really make me seem like an introvert. Now, I'm not outgoing, but I've been good at getting people together in the past.

And even aquaintences seem to fall at most one degree of separation from that. They are friends or aquaintences of the people I had direct contact with. But none of those blossomed into real friendships. Does it require that I'm cooped up with someone on a day to day basis for relationships to work? Am I the only one?

Now, in my defense, I was never comfortable striking up conversations with strangers. I always prefered strong (or light) one on one interaction with people I know well and see eye to eye. Or groups of the same people. I've always wondered if it was a product of growing up in the city. Keep to yourself in the sea of people.

Another possibly lame excuse is architecture. In school we worked late hours sequestered in our studio together at times missing much of what was going on around the rest of the campus. Even the year when I lived with non-architecture students who were some of my best friends, I was at home the least often of the group. Those close architectural quarters also fostered good and lasting friendships. We also seemed to be speaking the same language and sharing the same passion. Many love affairs and eventual marriages were born out of it including our own. Then we went on to the work world, but the paycheck was the biggest change. Still the long hours and close quarters. And so many of the same people. There was such a network among architects in Chicago that you never seemed more than two degrees of separation from another architect. We were always going to the same lectures, exhibitions, and parties.

But why do I bring this up. Well, the blog world has broken that seal. I've started meeting people from other professions or who I did not go to school with. The world outside. Not that I was not in contact with others before, but it is more that a comfort level has been reached. Friendships are happening. Even exclusively virtual contact with people I have never met. Though I hope to have the chance to meet those people someday since I still feel at least one face to face encounter says volumes about who a person really is. It really is a brave new world and I really have to say I've been enjoying it.

Thanks, everyone.


Anonymous said...

So I guess I have to ask for a private Papal Audience then, since you haven't been to YULblog for a while :-)

Unknown said...

Good one, mare. Hope you are doing well with all that went on over the last month.

Yeah, it has been a quite a while since I've been to YULblog. I'll try my best to make it to the next one.

Anonymous said...

Friendships are lovely things. I myself have made many kindred ones since I started blogging.

Michel said...

I'm the opposite. Up until a couple months ago, I had lost complete contact from all my childhood, school, and university friends.
People moving on, me moving on, etc. And then, through (sigh) our mothers, I got reacquainted with one of my best buds from high school, through who I re-met other friends. They're all married with kids, etc. Strange seeing them *cough* 20 *cough* years later and noticing what time has done to our bodies.

appelsj said...

You should of came, we could of met, next time I guess =)