Friday, December 15, 2006

Warmer Climes

We're off to Florida tomorrow. I'm using the last of my paternity leave and heading south to spend time with family over the holidaze. This is a shot from three years ago when we did the same thing. Though this time we are driving. I estimate close to 70 hours of travel and 6000km (3600 miles).

This space should be quiet during that time. The place where we are staying does not have internet access, but does have a computer. I may seek out an internet cafe just to see what's going on. Otherwise I will likely write offline and copy it over later. UPDATE: The place we are staying does not have a computer, so if I write anything it will be longhand.

That said. I expect my presense on the internet will diminish. Not disappear, but I'll probably be posting less often. I've already started to see how life will be getting more hectic, so the correct balance will need to be found between many different aspects. Hopefully it will only mean less frequency and not less quality. I've really enjoyed doing this and will try to keep doing it.

So have a happy holiday season and talk to you again in January.


Anonymous said...

Bon voyage!

Blork said...

Have a great trip!

John Hill said...

Great seeing you guys. Hope you made the trip back safely and finally have a little time to relax.

Unknown said...

John, it was great to see both of you also and to see how you've settled in. The trip back went well and we had a few days to recover and prepare for upcoming week. Hope to return down there soon.