Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The October Trip - Second Half

I have finished posting the second half of the Octobre travel break. It includes the remainder of our stay in Prague, then visits to Berlin (day one and day two), Copenhagen, and Stockholm. There are also a couple interesting stories about night clubs we visited in Prague and Stockholm which weren't exactly what we were expecting. It was a great trip. We breezed through every city and missed a lot in a few of them. But we really got a flavor of each one and have a good idea of which ones to return to. Even those short stays gave a sense of the physical character of the places. One of the things I really enjoy about travelling. It also opened the door to travelling in Europe. I learned the drill and was able to apply that mobility to many weekend trips to locals within an overnight train ride away.

I know when I first introduced this project that I had said it was primarily for me and if you like it all the better. Well now that I have been writing it, I find that it is very much bloglike as opposed to a personal journal. It is written for friends, family, and the public who are interested in reading it. The much more personal items are kept to myself just like in this space. That is all just a function of it being in the public eye. And it is not to say that I don't include personal tidbits. There is plenty of that. They are still personal blogs, just not overly personal.

I'm not sure if I will be able to keep up with the pace of all the items I'd like to write about the study abroad. I have been able to keep up with the travel items, but I haven't touched any of the day to day items or my impressions of Versailles and Paris. My hope is that I can tackle that during the holiday break, if I have time and an internet connection. I have a ton of stuff floating around in my head that will be great to finally get written down. But until that time, I'll try to keep up with the places visited. Hope you find it of interest.

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Anonymous said...

you're so lucky ! travelling all over europe ! I would like to do so, so much !! (even if i live in europe actually!)