Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

To those of you south of the border (US, not Mexico. Though Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in Mexico also.)

This picture was taken at the Jean Talon Market in Montreal this past September. It was our first time there and we were pretty amazed by the size of it. Our points of reference are the temporary markets in Versailles, France that we frequented while living there. This was twice or three times the size of the main market there. In comparison, Jean Talon has an abundance and variety of fruits and vegetables that I didn't remember at Versailles. But Versailles had much more in terms of meats and cheeses. One thing I really liked about Jean Talon is that there is an abundance of local products. Maple syrup, sausages, and oodles of produce. Though maybe I'm just used to the supermarket where it is less obvious where items come from.

This summer was marked by increased exploration of the city and surroundings. It seemed every other weekend we went someplace different. A picnic in Mont Royal Parc, camping in Oka, a trip to Jean Talon, a day at the beach in Parc Orford, and leisurely rides through the countryside. There is still so much to see and it's all an hour or less away.

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