Sunday, November 12, 2006

Better than Bond

The new James Bond movie Casino Royale has seen heavy publicity over the past couple weeks. There are the traditional movie trailers in theatres and on TV. There are billboards either advertising the movie itself or the new Bond hawking some wares like watches. Then there are print adds in newspapers and magazines. Lastly there are the rounds of talkshows introducing the new Bond to the world.

I have to tell you that I LOVE all this publicity.


Well... every single time my wife and I see an ad, my wife, not being one for understatement, reiterates "He is SO ugly." I chuckle everytime because by default that means that I am better looking than James Bond, Mr 007. I find that pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your wife. I keep telling my hubby that Daniel Craig looks more like the villain than the hero. We'll go see it, but I want Pierce Brosnan back! James Bond is NOT BLOND!!!

And you are way more handsome than any of the Bonds. :o)

Anonymous said...

Yeah she's right ! he is SOOOOOOOOO ugly ! Pierce Brosman is more much good looking than Daniel Craig !
Keep smiling, you're much gorgeous than james bond! Great !
(can I have a pix ? I'm joking !)

Unknown said...

Thank you both.

We are both fans of the Brosnan Bond. Though Craig looked like a good fit in the trailer we saw the other night. He's not pretty, he's gritty.

Anyhow, they should have a red-haired Bond next.