Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ode to October

October is my favorite month. We have quite a history together and I enjoy it's place in the change of seasons.

Many milestones in my life have occured in this month. During my second year of high school cross-country, I came in fifth place overall for the final race of the year after spending the year as a middle of the pack guy. It was the highlight of my high school running career and I never ran that fast again. I completed three marathons (89, 99, & 01) during the tenth month of the year. I started dating my future wife one mid-October evening and later married her an October afternoon almost seven years later. And our first daughter was born during this month.

But I feel a magic at this time of year regardless of the history.

Autumn offers my favorite weather. Summer is fun for the warmth, but my fair skin prefers cloudy days. And the problem with winter is that you spend your free time in the dark five days out of the week. Cloudy can be depressing in long stints, but darkness can be so empty. There is something about the autumn reprise from the summer heat. Similar to how spring is a break from winters chill. But for me spring heat never comes fast enough. Fall offers a moderate to chilly temp that is for the here and now. There is no yearning for that cold weather that follows. A time to enjoy long sleeves and light jackets that provide all the warmth and protection you need. Cooler temperatures that don't require hats and gloves. Just you and your rosy cheeks. Just enough to enjoy a cozy fire.

There is magic in the sights and smells. The oft mentioned color explosion, but also the scent of those leaves as they decay. Cool temperatures provide crisp views free of summer's haze or winter's smog. Fall is a rapidly changing landscape as plants prepare for hibernation. It's the time of harvest and a celebration of death. The best time for a good bowl of chili is while watching a football game with your beverage of choice. The month of apple picking and pumpkin carving. An damp earthy scent fills the air. A gloomy gothic moment before the earth goes to sleep that ends appropriately with Halloween.

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