Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Have You Ever... in Canada?

Rachel has pointed out that the 150 points on the Have You list have a bit of an American slant (it's 6 out of 150, but still). So how about if we compile a list for Canada exclusively. Let start out with a goal of 50 points or maybe there is another number that would be more symbolic. Maybe at least two for each province or territory, two for each big city, and the remaining will be general. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions.

If this works, we could try one for Quebec later. I am also starting the ball rolling for Montréal on Metroblogging Montréal. Heck, we could try Chicago also, but my readership is largely in Montreal.


AM said...

Have you ever eaten poutine?
Have you been on top of the CN tower? (yes twice!)
Have you ever encoutered Toronto Zanta?
Have you been in a backcountry cabin in winter?
Have you been to Yukon/NWT/Nunavut?
Do you speak Québecois?
Have you seen strip tease on St Catherine?
Have you been to Dundas square?
Do you know Roy Thomson hall?
and so on...

Alexandre said...

Rachel has a point, there. In South Bend, IN, they did a similar thing to break the ice during housing orientation. From my perspective as a Québécois, it felt quite awkward. It's as if we have to prove something about ourselves. Most of the people present were Chinese and their approach was quite different from that of the organizers.

Still, some non-specific potential entries:

...made someone happy simply by smiling to them?
...waved at perfect strangers coming off a plane?
...stood up in a classroom to shout "planet" and sit down?
...discovered the cure for cynicism?
...tolerated intolerant people?
...moved more than three times a year for several years?
...felt like you really understood people around you?
...developed a long-lasting friendship with someone you had met in a grocery store?
...had fun while doing your taxes?
...acquired a taste for craft beer?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the clarification, Rachel. Although I get a better and better sense of Canadian sensibilities every day, I'd be interested in seeing how a Canadian list would be different. These two lists that I have started are more of a list of location specific activities. In a way, a to-do list of things to prove you are a "real" Canadian (or Montrealler). I like the list of things, but didn't intend it to be a proving ground. Maybe my sub-conscience American sensibilities are bubbling to the surface.

AFSiT & alexandre, Thanks for the input. I'm not sure where to go with the lists at the moment. Maybe if I repost the ideas so far, it will keep generating more ideas.