Sunday, August 20, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Only ten more years until retirement.

Here's a picture taken by him.

FYI, both pictures were taken over thirty years ago.


Anonymous said...

Hippy birdday two ewes! Going out to The Elder ce son jour de naissance.

Blork said...

Those are some stylin' glasses!

Anonymous said...

That picture is too funny. I especially like the beer foam sneeking out of hs mouth. Perfect Stroh's ad.

Happy Birthday Dad of Chicagoan in Montreal!

Unknown said...

It was a trip with two of his high school friends. They had a knack for goofing off when they got together. There are other good ones, but this one you can see his face. Somehow I ended up with the roll of negatives. Turns out I was wrong and the trip took place around 1980.

He saw it yesterday and laughed. He said "Oh great, this is now all over the internet." Then again, there is this more current photo of him that he posted himself.

My wife and I returned to the spot of the second photo a few years back. The tree is gone, so this image is gone forever in real life. Kinda ephemeral.