Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Schedule Hunters

Can somebody explain to me what the heck is going on?

We got excited earlier this summer when we heard there would be a new reality show called Treasure Hunters. We love the Amazing Race and this looked to be very similar but maybe with a bit more intrigue like the Mole.

So the night of the first episode, we got our times mixed up and missed most of the first hour. Luckily it was two hours , so we didn't miss much. The Yuppies were eliminated. The second week we were out of town so we missed it, but my sister filled us in. She said they also played two hours, but the first one she described sounded like they replayed the second hour we had seen the week before. The second hour had the Brown family eliminated, but the previews showed them still in the race. Made sense since one of the Grad Students were injured and maybe they had to duck out. As for the double episode format, OK, so maybe they play the previous week's new episode along with this week's new episode. Sounds good for people who may miss an episode. It's summer.

So last week we sat down to the first of the week's two hours and consistant with the previous week we saw the episode we missed with the Browns out and the Grad Students injured. But the second hour confused us. Instead of picking up where the last left off, not one team, but two were missing. Did we miss something? Both the Grad Students and the Wild Hanlons were eliminated. Plus the Browns were back in it. It turned out to be a cliff hanger with the Geniuses debating whether to return for Sam and whether the Browns would continue without an injured Keith.

The next day I jumped online and saw what really was supposed to be that week's episode. The Hanlons continuing their inept effort getting themselves eliminated while scuffling with the Browns. I was quite disappointed to have missed it wanting to watch the Hanlons bumbling around and the Browns getting a bit of revenge.

This week, I was hoping they would have things straightened out in order to see a new episode. We didn't see a new one, but did get to see the one we missed. Problem is that the cliff-hanger goes on another week. Actually, in essence, the episodes were shown in correct order this week, episode 3 then episode 4.

But the reason for all this verbage is to find out if it was like this everywhere. Was it just a Canadian thing? This TVGuide blog has the episodes in order by week, but maybe they got previewed and printed them in the correct order. Did everyone see the same episodes we saw last week? Episode 2 then episode 4?

As for the show itself, I wish Anderson Cooper would return to host shows like this. The guy they got is way too stiff and polished. Regarding the teams, I'm pulling for the CIA Flunkies. They seem like normal Joe's with above average intelligence. I'm also a big fan of the Nerds because they remind me of my friends. As for the Hanlons, was I the only one who thought their rebuke of the Browns was more than just because the didn't deserve to be there. I could be reading into it, but their attitude had a bit of bite to it. The Deceive and Pray family is now my team to root against. Let's screw over the other teams then ask God for forgiveness. The preacher seems halfway normal though. But just halfway. The other three (Princesses, Beanheads, and Kens & Barbie) I could take them or leave them. Can I also say that the Grad Students were much cuter than the Princesses.

Lets just hope the network has their act together next week.


Anonymous said...

If I miss a show (one that is actually aired, not one that isn't:-) I always just look it up on one of the Bittorrent sites and download it. Works perfect for me. A bit of a Tivo, without the Tivo. (Actually I do have a Tivo-like machine, but it doesn't work very well in Canada because there is no guide available.) has a search engine.

Unknown said...

Thanks mare, I'll give it a try. The TVA programs on illico have been good because we can watch stuff like "Un Homme Mort" or "Ma Maison Rona" weeks afterward. But that's only TVA programs.

I wonder if that site showed episode 3 last week while the network showed episode 4.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say that I was a little disappointed that the Wild Hanlon's got booted off. Not because I liked them, mind you, but because they were fun to laugh at and get mad at. The bit where the mullet guy laid on his belly between the legs of a Brown team member in order to steal his combination was classic. And, come on, 11 hours in the cave? But in the end, they got what they deserved. Yes, I do think they snubbed the Browns for more reasons than they overtly said.

I haven't noticed the scheduling problem too much here in Chicago. But, we recently got a DVR (similar to tivo) so we set it to record only the new episode and don't have to fuss with scheduling mishaps.

Yes, Anderson Cooper was a great host. In fact, the Mole itself was a really cool show (not the celeb reality version though). I was kinda disappointed that they didn't run more seasons. It's possible that I really liked the show just because Anderson was so good.

My pic for the winner - I'm not ready to pick a team just yet. But I will say that I vote for any team that actually uses the tools they're given (laptop, GPS, phone). Calling other teams, web resourcing, etc. is a very smart thing that some teams don't seem to do at all.