Monday, July 03, 2006


A couple good friends of ours got married while we were in Chicago last week. A very contemporary ceremony befitting the personalities and character of the happy couple. The concise evening ceremony was presided over by a friend who was also a minister. He gave some very thought provoking prose on what it is to be two people united together. There was perfect weather for the proceedings in the courtyard of the Smart Museum on the campus of the University of Chicago. Plus there was good food and ample beverages fitting of a gathering of architects. Though we spent more time reminiscing about our inebriated histories together than creating new ones.

Socially, it was quite an evening. We caught up with many friends and aquaintences who we had not seen for years. Even met some of John's older friends, including Eric who moved recently from Japan to New York and also writes a blog. We may make a trip down there this fall. Events like these are quite interesting in that if it is your event you get to gather all the people important to you. If you are a guest, you get to meet all the important people of the couple. We spent so much time talking, we only got on the dance floor once. And they had a really good band.

It's hard to believe that we met John & Karen almost ten years ago and it has been eight since I went to work elsewhere. I also realized at the reception that I have been a 9 to 5'er for ten years now. The other thing is that although I only spent two years working at my first job, I have more friends from that time than the other eight years. Maybe it was because we were all newbies starting out, but I really think it is more the character and the shared interests that have contributed to the enduring friendships.

Lastly, I took this picture from my seat during the reception. After I took it, I realized it was from almost the spot where they exchanged vows. I thought is was quite interesting how the light played on the leaves close to sunset and viewed from below.

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John Hill said...

So glad you guys could make it, reshaping your Chicago trip to our wedding date. I'm glad we came by Monday, as Saturday was just a blur...hopefully our photos will refresh our memories. I love your photos and posted one on my page.