Thursday, June 08, 2006


I haven't mentioned it on these pages, but I have been a bit off for the past few weeks. Basically most aspects in my life have been demanding more time and energy. Work, home, the little ones, and even my interest in Flickr and blogging. It had resulted in exhaustion in a way I don't think I have had experienced before. I had experienced exhaustion in a physical sense before. Probably similar to what Paolo is experiencing now. But that exhaustion was different because it resulted from the passion of working on a single aspect or project. This one is due to different areas stepping up at the same time. But the result was one that felt odd. One that resulted in a lack of drive. A desire to retreat to small escapes more than I should. I found myself checking Flickr, my email, or my RSS feeds all too frequently. It seems odd to search out other items to occupy one's self when there are so many pulling you in other directions.

Over the last week, many of these aspects have relented. The big event we were preparing for at the house has now passed. So now we are free to spend the rest of our summer as we wish. The load at my employment has changed from many different small projects to one big one. It is so much easier to focus. The little one is getting better at sleeping through the night. A good nights rest does wonders. And as I prefer to do, I now have a backlog ready for my online interests so there is no pressure to prepare or produce. Also, my initial interest in Flickr has waned away from obsession.

But last night really flipped the switch. I had great expectations for last night's YULblog and it did not disappoint. It was a new venue and I along with others really think it is where it should stay. It was very conducive to this type of get together with space to move around and freely congregate. Many of the usual suspects were there. I had not seen Ed, Martine, and Captain Andre for a few months. It was great to touch base and shoot the breeze. I got to talk more with Patrick and Marie-Jo. I hung out with Jonas (with a new do) most of the night enjoying his distinctive character. But one of the major aspects for me was meeting for the first time people I have been reading for quite a while. Nick made his first YULblog appearence. If you want to know how I feel about the new smoking ban, his post on it says it better than I could have written it. And I got to meet fellow Metroblogging Montreal contributor, Vila. I have been following her writing since joining the metroblog, so it was cool to be able to connect a real person to her writings. It was really a pleasure to meet both of them and I hope to see them both at future get-togethers.

It was a great evening. A great setting with great people to converse and joke around with. It is really one of the things I really enjoy in life. Hanging out with friends and family talking over a beer. As is my habit, I was one of the last to leave. It made for a very late night followed by an early morning. This morning I had signs of lack of sleep, but there was something different. That drive was back. I could put my head down at work and plug away. Even when I got home this evening, I had signs of drowsiness. But I had no problem getting things done that needed to get done. It really is a great feeling.

So thank you to everyone last night. I had a great time and it was great to see you again or for the first time. I really hope future YULblogs will continue like this.


Blork said...

Yay! Glad you had a good time. I did too. That's an awesome bar, even if the name is hard for an anglo (like me) to pronounce (and spell). I love those huge tables, the high ceilings, the not-thumping music, and the ample mingling room. and the urinals in the men's room -- arranged by "short, medium, and tall" (or is it "small, medium, and large?)

zura said...

Wonderful! I was sorry I had to miss it this round, but will redouble my efforts for next month.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I found the urinals to be funny. Jonas suggested that the low one was for 'big' guys.

Zura, it would have been even better with you and other members (of the splinter cell, shhh).

Next month, I'll probably spend my alloted one night out per month at the Pub Quiz. It has now been almost half a year that I've been interested in going. Though it'll be only a couple days after driving 850 miles, so plans may change... again.

Anonymous said...

Right back atcha, Frank.

Anonymous said...

I can think of several places I would have rather been on that night, other than work, and YULblog's meeting was one of them.

I'm really glad for the venue change and looking forward to future interaction with the YUL crowd.