Friday, April 21, 2006


A couple weekends ago I was in Boston for a hockey tournament. The picture is what I saw when I was blindsided on the ice. No, actually it is part of the jellyfish exhibit at the New England Aquarium. Here are some interesting points from the trip.

Although I was back in an overwhelmingly anglophone country, I was still speaking 50% French 50% English. It was actually an opportunity to practice my French in a relaxed setting. Also even though I should have expected that everyone spoke with a Boston accent, it still caught me off guard to hear it so much.

I got reaquainted with and binged on Smartfood and Sam Adams beer. I even smuggled some back. Not that snack food and beer aren't good here. But those two and I go back a while.

I spent my coldest day of the winter there. When I left the hotel, I saw it would be partly sunny and 10C (50F) so I left my hat, gloves, and scarf thinking it would be nice. Turned out it was a little colder than expected with no sun and a biting wind. Luckily I didn't catch a cold.

Saw Harvard, the aquarium, Quincy Market, Fanueil Hall, and Boston Common between trying to agree on places to drink and eat. The fun of travelling in a big group. Could have seen more if I ran off on my own, but it was fun to spend time with some cool people from work. Good thing is that there is plenty more to see and I've gotten my bearings pretty good for the next time. In a few years I hope to return with the family as part of a US history road trip including Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

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