Saturday, March 04, 2006

Welcome Gazette Readers!

Welcome to those of you who have reached this site via the article by Hayley Juhl. Thank you also to Hayley for the opportunity to reach a larger audience. She did a great job of distilling down the better bits of the blog.

For a sampling of some other points covered, here are a few links to a sampling of other posts.

Recently I wrote about the snow removal process in Montreal along with how it is dealt with in Chicago. I also did a study of the medal hunt in Athens. A follow up will take place shortly concerning the Turin games. But as we all know Canada did very well. I also posted some watercolors I had done in Europe over a decade ago.

Lastly was a 'Best of' that I had compiled as my 100th post. It includes some photos, some levity, and comments on language, racism, obesity, traffic, and sovereignty.

So feel free to browse and feel free to comment. Keep in mind that my understanding of many aspects of life here is evolving and sometimes my observations were a bit naive. I really hope to learn more about life here and this medium has helped in many ways.


BWelford said...

Congratulations, Frank. Very well deserved recognition. I hope you have lots of visitors as a result. Also I really appreciate your entries on the Montreal Metroblog at Way to go. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you liked the article. I just wish it had been longer -- there's just so much you talk about here that's interesting to all.

Unknown said...

Thanks Barry. It has been a pleasure writing alongside you. Here's to many more posts.

Hayley, thanks again. Hopefully I can continue to keep it interesting.