Monday, February 06, 2006

Notes on the Superbowl

I was really rooting for Seattle to win this year. A while back I did a study of the major sports (baseball, American football, basketball, and hockey) to determine who (team & city) really has had the worst drought over the past 30 years. I usually use the results to decide which team/city underdog I am going to root for. Seattle has only won the 1979 NBA championship in 87 seasons of professional sports. Pittsburgh has been the top in the NFL in '75, '78, and '79. They won the World Series in 1979 and they won the Stanley Cup in '91 & '92. So Seattle got my vote. I will eventually post the results of that study.

Oh! The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss being used for the opening was cool. Interesting to see Harrison Ford recited the slightly modified version. It became tonight's bedtime story.

I'm sorry but the commercial breaks really suck here. Granted the commercials in the US did not have the same umph they had in years past. But seeing the same commercials at every break is beyond monotony. I don't ever want to see another commercial from Sirius or Delmar. The Bud Select commercial on the otherhand was cool just because they showed Prague. And those stupid ten second spots before the return to action where they place a false advertisement on the actual scoreboard are just plain sad.


Anonymous said...

I had this strange flashback to a Superbowl Party in Chicago during the game last night!

Hope you are well.


(lost in the south)

Unknown said...

Scott, Good to hear from you! Hope all is well. We're all fine up here.

What year was that and who was there that year? Maybe that was the year I drank too much. Too many Maudite. Unfortunately my mind is remembering the last party we threw which consisted of three of us watching the game and two girls whispering to each other and giggling. It was not fun.

Was that the year that Reewa kept commenting about how big the players were? Not noticing the irony that she was rail thin?

I actually remember more the Millenium party. That was fun, shoes and all.

Zeke's, the Montreal Art Gallery said...


You didn't miss much with the ads
or if you don't approve of censorship in China

On the other hand, welcome to world of Canadian televsion.

Anonymous said...

Others have said the commercials here in the USA were not as good as in past years. I thought they were pretty good actualy, not in any order but here are the ones I liked.
The Bud naked sheep streaker, The Bud clydesdale pony cute one, The Sierra Mist one where the TSA wands the bottle and makes a beep sound from her voice, the pasenger claims she is doing it to take his drink and the senior TSA man snaps his rubble glove and sasys " Just give me the word Susie!", The cave men one from Fedex, but the godzilla making love to the robot man and giving birth to a H3 was way out of line.
I was somewhat disappointed in the Rollins Stones, I thought they would put together a medilee of their hits in the 6-7 minutes they had instrad of hawking one of their new songs. I saw then two weeks ago at the United center and they were not up to par. Thier Soldier Filed concert last summer was fantastic however.
Bank to the game, officiating was terrible. Disspointed in the first half but fun to see the trick palns by the Steelers to win the game I'm just pleased Detroit didn't burn down after the game!