Friday, February 17, 2006

Montreal from Above

This shot was taken a couple years ago on the approach to Dorval airport. Click on it for a larger image.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how insignificant everything seems from up there. Our daily lives, concerns, petty squabbles ... all just silly flutterings of tiny bugs when viewed from the air.

Unknown said...

I went to a seminar once that reinforced the idea of perspective. They pointed out that people like Martin Luther King and Ghandi were people who had tackled real problems.

An example is yesterday as I was in line to come home over the bridge, a woman in an expensive Mercedes cut along the right hand lane to make a left hand turn and cut me off. I slammed on the gas when the light turned green and due to the slippery conditions almost spun out. It got me all riled up, but after I thought about it, it wasn't a big deal in the scheme of life. Perspective makes it easier to deal with the small problems.

Blork said...

Frank, you're turning into a real Montreal driver.

I love the view from that approach to P.E.T. Airport. Once I was even able to spot the building I lived in. Unfortunately it seems that most of the time the plane I'm in either comes in from the other direction, or I'm sitting on the starboard side so I don't get the view.

Unknown said...

blork, Actually I'm more a recovering Chicago driver. It was getting to the point where it seemed everyone was cutting people at stoplights. I much prefer the driving here.

We currently live under one of the approaches to PET just as I had in Chicago growing up not far from O'Hare. So I've never been able to see our houses from the air.