Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Coming Soon

Some of you in Montreal may have noticed a new column in the Gazette on Saturday about blogs in Montreal. This blog will be featured in that column in the coming weeks. Why me? With Montreal in the title and mentioning Montreal throughout my posts tends to put me on the first page when you search for 'Montreal' in Google blogs. Montreal.

Hayley Juhl of the Gazette approached me (electronically) about including my blog in the column a few weeks back. I'm quite honored that she found what I write worthy of an article. Though I am also a bit uneasy about the added exposure. Hopefully it will be all good and it is too cool to be mentioned in the paper. I forwarded to Ms Juhl many of you who are in my blog roll who have some connection to Montreal in case she is looking for others. All in all, I am interested in what this will bring.


zura said...

Awesome!! This is great news, except now you might have to curb some of your language, although it's not like you're the most potty-mouthed of us.


Unknown said...

Thanks. I have always worked under the premise that the general public were reading (even when they were not). So I have no plans to modify tone or content. My goal will continue to be keeping interesting people like yourself interested in reading and discussing.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. The added personal exposure is a trade-off, or might be.

Unknown said...

Ah, so that's what the stars had in store for you! Congratulations!!

Unknown said...

mrne & Vila,

Turned out to slightly increase traffic, but nothing major like I was anticipating. Just as well, my hope now is just to keep my regular readers.