Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Metroblogging Montréal

Thanks again to my friend John, I am taking another step in the blogosphere. He suggested a link to Metroblogging New Orleans during Katrina to get some first-hand accounts of what people were going through. From there I realized there was a Metroblogging Montréal. Soon after I started following that page, one of the authors asked for more authors. So I am taking the plunge and seeing what I can offer. My plan is to keep this blog focussed on Montreal vs. Chicago differences and have posts on the other page relating to day to day life in Montreal. I see this winter as being slow on the sport viewing side since the Bears, Illini, and even the Packers don't look to do well. So I will use that time and other time that I was otherwise doing meaningless surfing devoted to this new endeavor. Wish me luck and thanks for reading.

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