Friday, September 16, 2005

What? Me Worry?

So I watched Bush give his speech last night. I was thinking of skipping it, but felt it would be better to watch it first hand and get my own impression before reading or listening to other. An interesting side note. A couple of the Canadian networks carried the speech while others continued with their regular programming. I had not checked before whether they had carried them or not.

I was impressed. He seemed more genuine then I had seen him before and if he follows through on even only a part of some of the works projects he suggested, it would be step forward for him. My cynical/skeptical side still was wondering during the speech whether he really was genuine. His genuineness may have been because he didn't give his signature smirk after delivering serious lines. I always had the impression that he found what he was saying to be a joke. Like he was saying it but didn't mean it. Question is whether he learned not to give the smirk or he actually meant what he said. And I also wonder if he is going to somehow orchestrate these works projects so that big business will profit. There was already an article in the Chicago Tribune saying that Halliburton and other connected parties are already profitting from Katrina. I just hope what he said about racial equality and a strong financial city will become a reality.

The same goes for his mea culpa speech the other day. It did seem earnest. As earnest as Bush has been in the past. But my cynical/skeptical side is waiting for the other shoe to drop and for him to twist it so it is primarily the state, cities, or other bureaucracies fault.

Who knows? Maybe his photo op trips to the region actually had a real affect on the guy.

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