Sunday, September 25, 2005


Here's something that surprised me. Apparently the sport of golf is more true to it's elitest beginnings here.

The other weekend I went to a family golf outing wearing a baseball cap, collared shirt, denim shorts, and gym shoes. I figured I was 'dressing up' by wearing the collared shirt. As I was paying for my round, the woman behind the counter told me that I could not wear jean shorts. It really surprised me since it was a public course and not a country club where I would understand they have a dress code. So I was forced to buy an ugly pair of shorts in the pro shop. Afterward, an elitest member of our group who golfs regularly told me that there are NO courses in Quebec that allow you to wear jean shorts. A collared shirt or 'Tiger Woods' long sleeve high collared shirt (a dickie?) is required. Plus all shirts must be tucked it. Can it really be true that all courses here require that or only the one that person frequents?

I enjoy playing golf when I have a chance two or three times a year. I'm decent at it and have played for over twenty years. Plus I used to play wearing a t-shirt, jean shorts, and sandals back in the states unless by chance was a 'nice' course. I'm not fond of the elitest beginnings and my dress code may have been a rebellion against it. Anyhow, it surprises me because I have been under the impression there is less of the elitest attitude here. If I'm wrong, please someone correct me.


Anonymous said...

Well, ordinary people don't play golf here... I don't know anyone who plays golf (except mini-golf a.k.a. mini-putt!).

Anonymous said...

Not every club requires the dress code although i've never seen anyone golf in sandals, as far as the other other comment, many many people play golf....