Monday, June 27, 2005

Iraq, the movie

I had an interesting thought the other day. Looking back on the whole reason for going to war, it seems a lot like a common plot for a hollywood movie. The one man (Bush) has information that the bad guys (Saddam) are going to end the world (with WMD's). He goes to the authorities (the UN) who don't believe him, so he has to go it alone to save the world.

There are a couple other recent news items that I found disturbing. First Senator Durbin's apology for comments comparing Guantanimo Bay to a Nazi war camp. Apparently he read something that points in that direction and has been backed up by other FBI accounts. What worries me is the attitude of we must win the war on terrorism at all costs. Be it coming down to the level of the terrorists or disregarding their civil rights (or our civil rights for that matter). We're supposed to be the good guys, right?

The other item was a timetable for pulling out of Iraq. Although I didn't agree with going there in the first place, once it was started, it needs to be finished. It would be even worse to leave the place in a state of chaos or internal warfare. Setting a timetable will only let the insurgents know when they could take over. The sad thing is that I read the other day that some Republican congressman said that a timetable needed to be set because the polls back in his district were starting to show that support for the war was starting to slip. It would be sad if that were the reason for pulling out before things were stable. From what I have been reading the US over history has done quite a bit of meddling already in the Middle East.


John Hill said...

Rumsfeld's saying it could last for twelve years, right? I guess that's how long it will take for us to suck their oil fields dry.

Unknown said...

Rumsfeld is probably the one guy I respect in this administration. He says... that he put in his resignation three times and it wasn't accepted. Though I still feel he is playing the game with the rest of the administration.

I think in twelve years all the oil in the world will be gone. We will either be on 'clean' sources of energy or more cynically playing with the fire of nuclear (funny how 'clear' is in there) energy. Or as the president says 'nucular'.