Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Beautiful People

Spring is finally here and people are emerging from under their hats, scarves, and large coats. Another aspect that has surprised me after moving here is how good the general population looks here. I haven't been able to put my finger on anything specific to explain why. It may be partly due to a different ethnic mix here. I can't say it is solely the French influence because I can't say I remarked that they were noticeable better looking when I lived there. Maybe it is the mix of English, Italian, and French speaking countries. It could be due to the ethnicities I grew up with (German, Polish, Hispanic, Irish) that I was tired of and this is new.
There are a couple other aspects that I am fairly sure contribute to the difference. People here are more aware of style and express themselves more through fashion. Also people here are noticeably thinner. I feel that is partly due to genetics and partly the lack of consumerism here.
I don't think I am alone in this observation and that it is not personal preference. Some people have told me that modeling agencies come to Montreal to recruit because of that reason. Although I should have known the people are good looking since I married a beautiful Quebec woman.


Anonymous said...

When I was visiting for your wedding, all i could notice was how beautiful the people were, both young and old....

Unknown said...

Let me make a little correction in relation to a comment I received over the weekend. I suggested that I might be tired of the ethnicities I grew up with. Make that 'I was used to the ethnicities I grew up with and this is something new.'

Again these were brainstorm ideas of what could possibly be the reason I have found a difference.